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Version 6.4.1b Now Available
5.5.0B will re-register all the controls

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Click Help, About to see what version you currently have.
Click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access to get the latest update. You only need to do this on one workstation with internet access.
No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.
They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 1/2/2008
(11/10/07) Version 6.2.7F has new Adobe Acrobat controls. They may be registered at your convenience on each workstation when you sign on the workstation with administrative rights. Click Tools, Miscellaneous, Register Controls. You may need to re-register the controls as of 1/2/2008 if the new help system is not working.

Coming Soon: Immigration Forms (approx release: August 30, 2008 -
80+ new forms)

Please consider using our support forum for posting ideas, questions and comments regarding A1-Law so that everyone may learn from everyone else.

July 13, 2008 Version 6.4.1b Update
1. ScanFiles Service Module Updates
2. Form 10628 - Sample Microsoft Word General Letter with cc's
3. Form 10546 - WC31 Fee Petition
4. Form 10629 - Microsoft Word - Memorandum

June 11, 2008 Version 6.3.9O Minor Update

1. Form Letter Popup Category Favorites - System Defaults, Popups. Use individual form numbers after the start,end range
2. Task Add Default - Configure System Defaults,Tasks, Action when adding tasks allows for None, Name, Name v Employer, Caption
3. WCIRB - Revision Form 10094

May 12, 2008 Version 6.3.8B Minor Update

1. A1-Law Library icon on the main toolbar
2. Staff Defaults, Username and Password now allow for up to 60 and 20 characters (after reindexing).
3..New Forms
Revised: 10451 - SSA-827
Revised 10455 - SSA-1696
4. A1-Law Library icon on the maintoolbar

April 28, 2008 Version 6.3.7A PDF / Acrobat Compression Update
1. A1-Law Acrobat Compression Utility - Tools, PDF Compression Tool
This special tool allows you to "resample" your PDF files for maximum compression which saves disk space and allows you to Email PDF files that otherwise may be too large. The tool uses a special method to compress PDF files (mainly black and white non text scanned images) that would far exceed compression you might get with a standard compression program such as WinZip. WinZip may further compress the PDF a little smaller afterwards but you may see up to 90% compression with this tool. You may need to check quality if you decide to permanently save the compressed and resampled PDF files. Also, please contact tech support via Email should you decide to use the "Multiple" automatic mass change for all PDF attached to cases.
2. New Forms:
10545 - Subpoena - WCAB 30
10421 - Med-Legal Rating Form
10135 - SDT Goleta

April 20, 2008 Version 6.3.6A Update
1. New Forms:
10541 - Request for Walk Through
10542 - Request for Walk-In Consultative Rating
10543 - Request for Pension Information
10544 - Authorization for Release of Social Security Disability Ins Award
2. Calendar - Advanced Filters
3. Clicking the name at the client card and Party sheet copies the Email to the windows clipboard.
4. Next calendar event information on the client card now user definable in system defaults, general, client card, Page4, Label Expression

March 19, 2008 Version 6.3.5P Update
1. Create PDF files from any windows application.
2. Client card - click the printer icon on the toolbar - the ZIP tab now creates a pdf file with headers and hyperlinks.
3. Case Activity now has an AutoSave every 60 seconds when adding a note. One may click the AutoRecover button to recover the note if the computer recently had a power failure. One may adjust the AutoSave every 60 seconds to another number of seconds by clicking Tools, My Preferences, Case Activity, AutoSave (set to -1 to disable).
4. Form 10540 - Petition for Reconsideration
5. The GetParty,Prioritize command now supports either brackets or parenthesis
Bug Fixes
Calendar notes checkbox
March 5, 2008 Version 6.3.4A Minor Update
1. Client Card Print Options now contain a ZIP tab to create a ZIP file including attached documents and a summarized PDF file.
2. Search By now allows for Search By Date Closed.
3. New Forms:
10478 OCF SSA Notice Regarding Substitution Upon Death (HA-539)
Bug Fixes
Help File Registration Fixes
Remember Window Settings and Maximized Windows
Found Cases - bug fixes/sort1 search string
February 27, 2008 Version 6.3.3E Minor Update
1. Client Card Print Options now contains a ZIP file creation tab to Email Case information
2. Preparation files for Acrobat PDF Compression

February 12, 2008 Version 6.3.2E Minor Update
1. ScanFiles Paperless Internet Module
Bug fixes
Client Card Injury Sheet - Application refresh

February 7, 2008 Version 6.3.1E Minor Update
1. New Help File (in progress with each new update). One may need to re-register controls on workstations that it does not work on.
2. Form Letters - Batch Command Example: <<command = batch 55>> Separately processes multiple letters and documents.
3. User defined field report now sorts by either character, numeric or date.
4. New Forms:
10477 Social Security Interview Form
10361 EJ-100 Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment
10537 Commutation Request Form
10538 Request for Walk Through DOR only (#2)
10751 Pension Lacera Application for Disability Retirement (DIS 101)
10752 Pension Lacera Supplemental Medical Release (DIS 126)
10753 Pension Lacera Beneficiary Designation (RSD 504)

January 2, 2008 Version 6.3.0C Minor Update

1. New Help File (in progress with each new update). One may need to re-register controls on workstations that it does not work on.
2. Law Library Supports drag and drop and attachments to case activity
3. Case Activity add, edit now now allows other windows open at the same time.

Please consider using our support forum for posting ideas, questions and comments regarding A1-Law so that everyone may learn from everyone else.
All the best,
– Mike.

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