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GetRecords: We copy, analyze & archive legal records

The Premier Resource for Records, Orders, Duplication and Subpoenas.

Find a vast array of information access, document preparation, customer focus and speedy performance.

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Just for the Record,
We Own the Records Business.

Hands down we have the best technology,
best Client Care and the best client experience
for California’s legal and medical companies.

Our team is over 20 strong all over the state,
from Client Care, Customer Service and Managers
ensuring your job is priority one.

Our employees go through extensive training in
discovery laws, flowcharts and procedures
manuals of the company, and receive constant
ongoing training to meet your high demands.
No other legal support staff can compare to
getRecords' customer service specialists.

Because we listened to you, we’ve expanded the number of services offered from Records Categorization to Analysis Review to Present Value Calculations and cutting edge Paperless Office Solutions.

What's So Great About Our Service?
Get the job done correctly and efficiently. Copy services, especially low cost defense-oriented services, are notorious for being sloppy and slow. getRecords will impress you with our level of excellence and speed.

We Can Find Anybody
Our current "hit rate" of finding and serving the locations listed on our order forms - without any help from the customer is 99%.In other words, we won't bug you because we can't find the place!

No More Certificate of No Records
Our percentage of CNRs to successful orders speaks for itself: only 1% of our orders are completed without records.No other copy service can beat that!

We make sure you get what you asked for
We don’t just ship you whatever the location gave us. We actually look through the records and make sure you get what you are looking for. If it is not there, we go back again and get it.

We’ll Provide Compel Documents
If the facility won't produce timely records, we will have our legal staff prepare a complete Motion to Compel package that you can file with the Board and get an Order to Produce.

Customer Service
We are committed to unparalleled standards for perfection in the litigation support community.

We would rather do it right than simply be fast, but our turn-around times are still lower than the competition because of our streamlined and automated process for getting records.

Rush Service
Guaranteed NEXT DAY service of Subpoena/Auth on the facility for all RUSH jobs. No matter how busy we get, your RUSH jobs will be served the next day.

Errors and Omissions Insurance
We carry full Errors and Omissions insurance on the slim chance that we make a

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