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The PerfectFiler?
THE EAMS Solution.

Our free software solution does away with the need for how-to books and charts, extensive training, and will drastically reduce the number of rejected forms packages by EAMS because of errors or omissions in your filing package.

The Perfect Filer™ remembers the data
typed on the forms and uses this data to fill
subsequent forms on the same case. It
enforces the use of Uniform Names where
appropriate and allows the user to lookup
the Uniform Names in real time to fill the
fields on the forms.
Legal Solution Users
Don't pay for the new Pro Docs upgrade to get your EAMS forms. Get PerfectFiler for free. It's a much better EAMS solution that Pro Docs and free from your friends at Med-Legal. Includes a data import module to pull all your client profile data from Legal Solutions into PerfectFiler.
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Stop the Madness

TheEAMSPackage feature sets up the entire EAMS forms package by filling out and inserting the Cover and Separator sheet forms for you. It even puts place markers in for each attachment that is called for in the package, and allows you to SCAN your attachments and insert them in the right sequence within the package. The Separator sheet for each attachment is already included in the package and filled out with the doc type... you just have to enter the Author and date and it's ready to go. Once all the forms are completed, users can click one button to print all the forms and attachments as one package for EAMS, and everything will come out in just the right order.

Never Get Rejected Again

The Perfect Filer™ makes sure users include all the right forms, in the right order, with the right data on the forms, and the right formatting for all data (uppercase, no punctuation, etc.) Then it remembers it all for the next package for that case. Simple, yet powerful, and will save you headaches and delays dealing with EAMS and the various and constantly-changing requirements.

The Perfect Filer™:

Easy to learn and use, with no case setup forms. Just pick a form and go
As part of our Records Ordering software, it's free to Med-Legal customers
Latest EAMS Forms (uses forms right off the DWC site for guaranteed accuracy)
Data filling from previous forms
Document management
Data import from other systems (like Time Matters, Act!, and others)
Upgrade path to A1-Law, a full Case Management program for workers comp and other areas of law. Click here.

Requires Windows XP/Vista (web-based version is also available for all platforms) ? TheOfficeVault™ Runs under .Net (required) / Adobe Reader or Acrobat is NOT needed

To get started, fill out the request form and we?ll send you a login code

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